It’s science. It’s fun. It’s a river. It’s perpetual motion! This site is beautifully filled with science all over. The blog was created on December 1st, 2012. The blog is dedicated to posting about science, interesting facts, anime, and a few jokes here and there. Expect me to post at least three times a week, with more than one post in a day here and there. In addition, many posts will now have a poem somewhat related to the topic along with a bit of philosophical messaging (poems may be written in certain styles; check out the Poem page!).

Pictures that I might find have different sources which depend on the topic of the post. If the post is somewhat science or fact-based, I probably may have took the URL of a Wikimedia picture. For other pictures, such as ones about anime or entertainment, they may be grabbed off of a search engine. Opening the image in a new tab can help determine the website it is from; just check the URL of the picture in the post.

Who am I? NeutralKiseki. Kiseki is a Japanese word meaning ‘miracle.’ I guess that means that my pseudonym means ‘a neutral miracle.’ I think that sometimes, a miracle isn’t as great as you think if you delve deep into the facts. I mostly made this blog because a friend of mine inspired me to. Have fun scampering around in my blog, and don’t forget to leave any comments you might have! I leave questions to trigger you, the reader, to think more about the post I made.

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