A 2-D Plane

A 2-dimensional world would be weird to live in. We wouldn’t really be able to jump (depending on how the world would be oriented). There would only be x and y. There is nothing too special about that…yet!

When we look around in our regular world, we see the world on a 2-dimensional plane; the world we look at is placed on a flat space. Think of a piece of paper. Everything we see with our eyes would be projected onto the flat paper. Let’s take it to a lower dimension (via DimExp made by Bob the Zobo).

In a 2-dimensional world, we’d see the world on a 1-dimensional line. That would be pretty boring. Because of this, we are extremely limited as to what we can do in this flat world. Have you read the book Flatland? This book discusses the world of a 2-dimensional plane. It is very eerie, but more interesting as you learn more about this world.

The appearance of a 3-dimensional world

Since writing is somewhat 2-dimensional…writing in the 2-d world would be a line, or maybe even dots. A dictionary, if we decided to have one, would span a large amount of length and width to store all of those words in there.

Do you like to draw in 2-d or 3-d? Have you read Flatland? Would a 2-d world seem more simple or complex to live in?


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