Spatial 4-Dimension

In this post, I shall use my newly invented DimExp, thanks to Bob the blue Zobo, to give you succinct information on the spatial 4-dimension.

Imagine a point. A point by itself. In blank space. A white background. There, you have a 0-dimensional visual. Put a point a few inches away from it and connect the dots. We have a 1-dimensional line. Draw two points parallel to the original points BUT also the same distance from them to make a 2-dimensional square. Now, do the same thing with that step, but with the square, to make a cube. We have (if you follow correctly) made a cube using spatial dimensions.

Now then: what is the fourth dimension? In this post, I am in no way talking about the dimension of time. I mean the spatial dimension. Let’s add a new step to our little mental visual: draw another cube a few millimeters away, and connect the corresponding points. We have a figure like in the picture above…or a tesseract! At this point, Bob says to use the DimExp in case we cause some sort of rip in the fabric of spacetime…

4-dimensional is just one dimension higher, allowing for more possibilities which include but are not limited to: 3-dimensional drawing, 3-dimensional shadows. The fourth dimension is more complex than our regular 3-dimensional world, which means that something bizarre or strange may occur by just randomly accessing the so-called fourth dimension from this dimension. Hopefully, this concept is not confusing you TOO much, because I was puzzled when Bob tried to explain the DimExp to me anyways.

Does the 4-dimension interest you? Does it seem complex or more simple? Do you think that I should try avoiding this topic due to how confusing it might be?


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