Fish, Reptile, Monkey, Human

I’m pretty sure a large amount of people have seen pictures showing the development of evolution, or maybe even parodies of that. In this post, I’ll be discussing evolution and some topics branching off from there!

Humans have evolved throughout time, and we are Homo sapiens (wise man…). Studies apparently show that we are somewhat related to primates such as gorillas, baboons, and orangutans. The question I want to tackle is: how did we reach this point of evolved being? The first forms of life, in which we mean Earth, were prokaryotes (before actual cells, bacteria is a good example). Eukaryotes (true cells, they have a nucleus) evolved from those, smaller prokaryotes probably entering larger ones to create eukaryotes, including the organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts (both of which somehow have DNA!)

That suggestion is called the endosymbiotic theory. They say that smaller bacteria enter host bacteria, like in that picture up there, and become organelles. The ‘endo’ part probably refers to the bacteria ENTERING. The ‘symbiotic’ part obviously referring to the two bacteria cooperating to become the eukaryotes. From the eukaryotes, multi-cellular organisms began to show up. Amoebas, fish, reptiles such as dinosaurs, and so forth.

The next topic I’ll jump onto is mutation. Mutation is an alteration in genetic information. For example, let’s take a Zobo (an imaginary animal I just randomly made up) and say that its primary color, or phenotype (referring to physical appearance), is green. If that was to be mutated, then let’s say we have mutated Zobos that are now…blue! Usually, for these mutations to last, they have to survive predators and so forth. Let’s say that blue Zobos survived better…maybe because the planet they live on has a lot of blue plants because of their pigments. Thanks to that, our mutated Zobos live off better! Yay for the Zobos!

(I imagine Zobos to be spheres with pyramid-shaped feet, and they levitate one inch off the surface they are on, so they still can fall because of gravity.)

Why do you think evolution is important? Do you think that mutation is good or bad? Do you want to see more Zobo-related posts?


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