Rise of the Neo-Cartoon Age



I’m sure many people have heard of Adventure Time. To be truthful, I think it’s a fine show. I don’t really see anything BAD about it. Adventure Time must be extremely popular, though. I know a lot of my friends really like the show. Some of them even have clothing dedicated to Adventure Time as well. Unfortunately, I’ve also heard of people who dislike the new cartoon shows on Cartoon Network because the old ones are more nostalgic or classical.

What do you think about Adventure Time, or even Cartoon Network? Do you like or dislike the new cartoons they have? Do you wish that the older cartoons were still up and running (even though some of them still are)?


One response to “Rise of the Neo-Cartoon Age

  1. Yes I enjoy Adventure Time! 🙂 Although, I also agree there were some shows that were sadly discontinued on Cartoon Network that many people also enjoyed watching (like Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, ect.) :3

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