Extraterrestrial Life

Microscopic lifeforms...?

Microscopic lifeforms…?

Sometimes (rarely), I wonder: are there intelligent organisms watching us from above? Sometimes, I might even think about what they look like. It appears that the lifeforms we are seeking may end up being bacteria or amoebas of some sort. Even throughout these years, scientists have not yet detected any aliens (regular people haven’t seen them either!), and we haven’t received any kind of signal from outer space that we can definitely regard as created by extraterrestrial technology.

These are lenticular clouds.

These are lenticular clouds.

There have been many so-called sightings of U.F.O.’s, or Unidentified Flying Objects. There have been, however, explanations for these reports. Clouds, kites, meteors, and aircraft are logical explanations. Even optical phenomena and HOAXES may be an explanation, but I don’t think people will be happy hearing a false report about an extraterrestrial sighting. I wonder why people would try to do such a thing anyways…

So-called UFO sighting...

So-called UFO sighting…

Now, we discuss UFO shapes. UFOs are reported to look in MANY different forms. We have the traditional saucer-shaped spaceship, and a triangular craft or light. UFOs are even said to come in many other strange shapes, such as spheres, diamonds, and cigars. Whatever the case, those are said to be UFOs…

What do you think about extraterrestrial lifeforms? Do you think that they DO exist? What are your thoughts as to what their physical appearance is?


One response to “Extraterrestrial Life

  1. It’s funny. Most people think of extraterrestrial life as in something that may be in relation to Marvin the Martian from the Loony Tunes show. In my opinion, it could be possible that farther out in space, maybe even in another galaxy, that there is ‘extraterrestrial life’ that looks similar to us~ ^^
    ~Purple Girlz

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